Fake News Guidelines

Fake News is not the same as satire. With satire you can get away with making odd and strange claims. There are legal bits over satire – essentially you can satirise the pants off public figures or companies unless you make a statement that will cause “material harm” to the person/company. Fake news has to be kind of news but obviously isn’t when you look at it.

So if you were to say Jeremy Corbyn is really the son of Satan who drinks the blood of 1000 virgins would get you into trouble. Not only is it defamation, but is completely untrue (try finding 1000 legal age virgins in his constituency!)

The fake news version would though be something like:

The leader of a major UK politicial party was seen visiting a venue that regularly eats the still bleeding flesh of it’s victims and was seen laughing deeply and joking over a glass or two of foaming red liquid.

Why is this acceptable? Simple – no names and if you think about it, they’ve gone to their local eatery and had a nice rare steak with a couple of red wine. It’s about how it’s phrased more than what it says

A great example of fake news is this :

Can you use real people and real places?

Yes, but care has to be taken


Ozzy Osbourne, lead singer of former rock gods and now fish and chip salesmen, Black Sabbath, was found alive yesterday. His family are in mourning and doctors are standing by.

This is fine (though claiming BS are fish and chip salesmen is a bit off – that said, their last album really was dire, so maybe). The family bit may be dodgy, but shouldn’t be that big a problem


Jon Bon Jovi has failed his latest attempt to regrow his 1980s stadium rock hair. Leading hair specialists warned him about this attempt claiming the additional weight may cause the world to tilt slightly bringing North Korea that bit closer to a McDonalds.


Disgraced homophobe and well known kiddie fiddler Jack Black is a talentless bastard who is about as funny as Dalek with haemorrhoids.

(this is bad for obvious reasons, especially as Daleks don’t suffer from that sort of problem)


Long time lovers Moose and Dewsbury have finally admitted that fellow DJ Pete “Failey” Bailey is actually their love child

(OK, they’d probably find this amusing, but still)

There is a fine line between what is good and what isn’t

Essentially though…

1. No false claims
2. No unsubstantiated claims
3. No associating people with something totally out of character
4. Avoid politics
5. Avoid copyrighted materials (such as Daleks)

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