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Published / Wed 12 Aug 2020

As seen on the Primordial Radio Podcast

We’re delighted to announce that Luke Milne will be joining the Primordial Radio team.
Luke joins us having a wealth of experience on stations such as Rhino Radio & HRH Radio, he’s also a freelance writer for Metal Hammer and a radio plugger for Incendia PR.

Luke Milne Primordial Radio Presenter

“I’m Luke and I am Primordial. I don’t have a nickname, so feel free to make some up for me and I’ll use a different one each week.

I’ve been around the music media scene for about 10+ years in different roles, from a club DJ and gig booker/promoter to journalist, radio presenter and, most recently, a music publicist. I’ve got some weird, crazy stories to tell (for instance, inadvertently and quite innocently causing a minor bomb scare at a music venue) but we have plenty of time for that.

Loves whiskey, video games and quality time spent with good friends. Dislikes spiders and poo. Owns a pair of Nicolas Cage trousers (as seen on Wish) and a rubber horse head mask (as seen on horses). If you see me wearing either, you should probably run.”

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