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and in Studio 14……

Published in Station Updates, on Wednesday, August 12th, 2020

As seen on the Primordial Radio Podcast

We’re delighted to announce that Luke Milne will be joining the Primordial Radio team.
Luke joins us having a wealth of experience on stations such as Rhino Radio & HRH Radio, he’s also a freelance writer for Metal Hammer and a radio plugger for Incendia PR.

Luke Milne Primordial Radio Presenter

“I’m Luke and I am Primordial. I don’t have a nickname, so feel free to make some up for me and I’ll use a different one each week.

I’ve been around the music media scene for about 10+ years in different roles, from a club DJ and gig booker/promoter to journalist, radio presenter and, most recently, a music publicist. I’ve got some weird, crazy stories to tell (for instance, inadvertently and quite innocently causing a minor bomb scare at a music venue) but we have plenty of time for that.

Loves whiskey, video games and quality time spent with good friends. Dislikes spiders and poo. Owns a pair of Nicolas Cage trousers (as seen on Wish) and a rubber horse head mask (as seen on horses). If you see me wearing either, you should probably run.”

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