Bringing a Campervan or Caravan to the Annual General Mayhem 2021? here you can get your Campervan or Caravan its very own ticket for the humble price of £2.50 (before discount).

If you need power for your Campervans or Caravan or just fancy being able to yell I HAVE THE POWER…… then this is available at an extra cost of £42 (before discount) for the weekend.

10% discount applied once items added to cart



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Note: Annual General Mayhem 2021 tickets are not included in this offer and will need to be purchased separately. Tickets

Terms and Conditions

  • The hookup is a 6 amp supply, therefore, there will be some limited usage on it:
    • Appliances that are 1200 Watts or less
      • For reference, a normal household kettle is 2000 Watts ± so they can’t be used.
    • 1 large appliance at a time
  • If you manage to trip out the electric by using too many appliances/too high a wattage appliances then there may be a charge to reset it so please think carefully.
  • Power Hookups are for camper/caravans only (Not tents)
  • If you are unsure then please do ask, by emailing hollie@primordialradio.com