Bo Squiddley Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate


Bo Squiddley Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate

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This chocolate is made in the UK by a small chocolatier. The cocoa content is much higher than the likes of Cadbury etc and even more than some of the higher end chocolate.

The point of developing Primordial merchandise is to help support the station, however, that does not mean the quality of the product is compromised. Bo Squiddley Chocolate is of the highest quality. By buying this chocolate you will get to enjoy some delicious chocolate, support your favourite rock radio station who in turn are supporting small UK businesses namely OOh La La and Ma’s Choc n roll.

Bo Squiddley sea salt is like eating toffee in the sea.   Smooth, and perfect with coffee and a good stout.

38% Cocoa Dark Chocolate

Bar is 100g and vegan friendly.   Suitable for vegetarians