Primordial Radio “The Rules” Poster


No longer will you have to waste breath and time on conversation when someone's being a dick as now you'll simply be able to point at a poster to make your point.   It truly is a wonderful time to be alive.

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We live and abide by three overriding rules and now instead of simply remembering them they’ve been immortalised in poster form acting as a stark reminder there are codes to which we adhere.

Each poster is hand rolled and shoved inside a sturdy cardboard tube meaning when it arrives to you it’ll be in a tight coil needing to be flattened.   Evidently, we’ve never heard of flat cardboard “Do Not Bend” envelopes.

Plus, as an added bonus they ship as a small packet so there’s a hefty postage charge as well.   No, YOU shut up.

Sadly, due to budget cuts and space constraints rule #4 “Always remember to go fuck yourself” is not included.