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After 18 months of badgering Blunty finally has his way….sort of.

Blunty wanted a billboard type tshirt which gave all sorts of information about Primordial Radio and where you could find it.  Essentially a cloth version of an EG1 card.  Moose preferred the designs with subtle messaging. Kinda like a mind control device to invite and induce people into the cult.      This gave The Evil Genius, Matt Young of Myohmy design, the unenviable task of creating a hybrid design and this “Bo Bull” concept is what he came up with.

When we really stare into those eyes there’s a part of us that says “I want to party in Matt’s head.” and then there’s the part of us that says “Run for your lives!”.

Anyhoo, wear it with pride this festival season.



Cost: £18

Men’s Tees – S to 3XL Printed on Black Bella+Canvas

Men’s Tees – 4XL to 5XL Printed on Black Gildan Heavy Cotton

Women’s Tees – S to 2XL Printed on Black Gildan Premium Ringspun Cotton