Everybody Gets One

You are one of 1725 Primordial Members, find out below how you can help embiggen our community.

Let’s face it, if it weren’t for you there would be no Primordial Radio and we recognise your importance and influence. This power created Primordial Radio and provided the bedrock from which to build in our next stage of evolution – Everybody Gets One.

In it’s initial iteration Everybody Gets One is:

In corporate bullshit – A referral based rewards intiative designed to grow membership and reward existing members.

In Primordial speak – We’re asking you to recommend us and give a free 3 month free trial to someone who might dig what we do. If they become a member you are rewarded. The more members you get, the bigger your reward.


1 Digital PR Evolution Achievement Badge
3 Physical PR Evolution Achievement Patch
5 Star in your own stager/quirky
10 Present your own 1 hour show on Primordial Radio
15 Primordial Radio T-Shirt
25 Lifetime achievement award. Free access to PR – for life

As always, you are integral to the fate of this and whether it flies or dies. Our first target is to have 2000 members and if we stick together and accept the challenge, we’ll smash it.

How to Play Everybody Gets One

  1. Share your referral code every way you can, pointing people to Evolve with Primordial Radio. See below some ways to share your code.
  2. Your new member will receive 3 months free by selecting the referral subscription type and inserting your code.
  3. At the end of the 3 months if your new member continues with a paid subscription you will receive one point towards the rewards above and Primordial Radio will be one member closer to world domination.
  4. As you reach the points milestones a redeem button will appear on your account page.

How to Share Your EG1 code

  1. Share your EG1 Code:
  2. Share your unique URL: https://primordialradio.com/eg1-sub/?eg1=
  3. Share your QR code:
  4. Get business cards printed using our pdf template