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Welcome to the Squiddly’s Social Signposts

Love them or hate them, social media platforms have become an essential aspect of our lives in the digital age. And when it comes to Primordial Radio, these platforms play a significant role in connecting and nurturing a vibrant community of rock and metal fans. So, let’s take a closer look at the wide array of groups and sub-groups that make up the wonderful #PRFam.

Primordial Radio
The official Primordial Radio Social Media accounts

Primordial Radio Status
Official Primordial Radio Broadcast status page

All the latest offers from the Primordial Radio Affiliated vendors (tickets, merch and deals aplenty)
Every purchase through these deals puts a little bit of cash towards the station

Unofficial Groups

All of these groups below are run by individuals and members of the #PRFam community, not Primordial Radio. Don’t forget to answer the joining questions and accept the group rules so that Admins can approve your join request?

The main community-run page for Primordial Radio


#PRFam Isolation Support
This group has been set up to provide support to those in isolation as a refuge from the bombardment from the media.


#PRFam Mental Health Support Group
A place for those of the #PRFam to talk about the realities of dealing with mental health issues.
Because this is such a powerful subject, please read the Rules


#PRFam Business Finder
Looking for a Business/Recommendations ?

Pssttt…dont’ forget the Primordial Radio Bazaar !

#PRFam Bikers
A group for the bikers of the prfam. If you aren’t a member of the prfam you wont be accepted.
The group is for riders, pilions and enthusiasts, no matter whether you have a licence or not. Primordial rules apply regardless!


#PRFam newmusic
This group has been set up o share new music and artist with other Fam.
Music is a passionate subject for us all so listen love share to all


We’re going to Hell anyway so we may as well have fun along the way!
A place for Fam to post funny stuff. 😁


#PRFam pets
Paws, scales, whiskers,fins, wings – whatever form your companion takes.


#PRFam Singles
This group is intended to be a safe place for single #PRFam Members to introduce themselves, interact, and hopefully meet their ideal partner.


#PRFam Ink
A Prfam group specifically for Tattoo, piercing and body mod pics and chat


#PRFam Gaming
A Central group for all us pesky gamers from tabletop to video in the #PRFam to share stories, make clans and just have fun! Share your gaming stories and channels/streams here! No console wars!


#PRFam söüps and stüs and other yüms
Recipes, food inspiration, show us ya dinner!


#PRFam recycle
This group allows PRfam members to free cycle or sell stuff for a nominal amount (postage/delivery cost only)


#PRFam Vapers
T’is all about the vape!


#PRFam Ticket Exchange
A group where tickets can be exchanged between like minded people for a MAXIMUM price of face value.


#PRFam Battle Jacket Wankers
A place for new and old battle jacket wearers to post pics of their jackets share links for patch sites and show off new patches.

#PRFam Fat Club
Non-judgemental, #PRFam offshoot for those of us who want to improve health, wellbeing, and our stamina in a mosh pit by shedding a few pounds.

#PRFam Download Fest
Chat about what ever you want too, loosely Download related.

#PRFam Egg Chasers
A place for #PRFam members to discuss the glorious sport of Rugby without boring everyone else.

#PRFam Fitness
A group to encourage and motivate the fam, set challenges, record weight loss or personal bests and generally all things fitness.

A place to discuss GridIron

#PRFam Homebrew and Booze
The PRFam’s very own beer/wine/gin etc and home brew group.

#PRFam photography
A group for the photography type…. share, advise or discuss anything camera related

Arts and crafty peoples of #PRFam unite

#PRFam Spoonies
A spoonie can refer to any individual who suffers from a chronic illness. … Chronic illnesses can range from fibromyalgia to Lupus or chronic Lyme disease, to name just a few examples. These illnesses are often invisible;…

#PRFam Yorkshire Meetup
A group for folk tha knows

#PRFam Horror Lovers
A group for everything horror related. Film recommendations/reviews, pictures, conventions etc.

#PRFam petrolheads
A page for Primordial Petrolheads!!! A place to share photos, advice and advertise car groups and meets.

#PRFam Ice Hockey
Place to discuss all things hockey away from the main group


#PRFam Beards
Prfam and everything beard related. And remember if your dad doesn’t have a beard you’ve got two beardless mums.


#PRFam 1st Primordial
Welcome to 1st Primordial, a group for people of the PRFam or Primordial Radio that are or have been in the Scouting or Guide movments.


#PRFam Steampunk
Group for Primordial radio fam Steampunk, Dieselpunk, Dustpunk and post apocalyptic.


#PRFam Musicians
Share music, ideas, your fave chord, pictures of your equipment. All are welcome. Maybe we can jam online?


#PRFam Cyclists
PRfam bicycle club. All disciplines, for fun, fitness, competition and fettlers.


#PRFam Walkers
A place for the PRFam who love to walk.


#PRFam Scotland
A place for Scots to arrange gig and social meetups


#PRFam Parents
Swap ideas about what to do during the holidays or just discuss which Gin drowns out screaming the best


#PRFam Vinyl Lovers
For lovers of vinyl – the music kind not the other!


#PRFam Wrestling
The ‘squared circle’ for all your wrestling chat


A safe and supportive space for PRFam who are polyamorous or swing


#PRFam East Anglia
Primordial famalam that live in the East of England


Tips, needing advice on D.I.Y then you’re in the right place


#PRFam TV Guide
Old shows, new shows…yada yada.Shows you love & love to hate, cult, classics, fav episodes, characters”


#PRFam Gals
A group for the ladies of the #prfam Talk & ask things we can’t bring ourselves to write in the main group


#PRFam Craft Squids
Crochet, knitting, cross stitch, drawing, home made, home makes – All things crafty live here


#PRFam F1
Interact about all things F1 including the fantasy league


A group to encourage the reduction of waste at festivals and in the domestic and corporate environment.


Whether you love the movies, the comic books, the TV shows or all 3 – All Marvel fans welcome


#PRFam Oz Chapter
A place for Aussie PRFam members to discuss PR Aus stuff. To help us feel closer to all things Primordial.”


#PRFam Wrestling
“a welcome ‘squared circle’ for all your wrestling chat”


#PRFam Snowsports
Created for all of us of The Fam that love all snow based activities.


#PRFam Wales Chapter
PRFam Welsh Chapter. Place to arrange local meet ups.


#PRFam Birds and Birders
PRFam Welsh Chapter. Place to arrange local meet ups.


#prfam vegan/veggie/flexitarian
If your vegan, veggie, flexitarian or just interested. Share recipes, ask for advice, share tips.


A group where LGBTQ+ (and allies) PRfam members can talk about issues/problems/whatever they want with zero judgment.


#PRfam Fat Club
Non-judgemental, #PRFam offshoot for those of us who want to improve health, wellbeing, and our stamina in a mosh pit by shedding a few pounds.


prfam Football
#PrFam football chitchat. League, non-league, juniors and pub teams, international tournaments, it’s all welcome here.


#PRfam Employment
A place to share jobs, ask for help or advice regarding Employment


#PRFam South East
This is a group for all PRFam who are based in or from London and the South East to arrange meet ups, post about gigs and just general shenanigans


A group for PRFAM who love wildlife and nature.