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Welcome to the Primordial SeedBank-U-Lator!

This is where you can offset your carbon nasties with some seagrass fan-tasties! But seriously, here you can find Primordial Radios very own way of combating rising carbon levels in our atmosphere and loss of habitat, through the power of seagrass. All the super duper important details are below, but in the mean time, just enter your start and end locations and let the Sea Bank-U-Lator sort everything out for you

Your Journey is 0 miles = a potential donation of £ (0 seeds @10p)

Now we are not trying to produce a carbon calculator here because the science behind it is still far too unpredictable! That includes terrestrial tree planting schemes too. Needless to say, a good year of ideal growing conditions would see more carbon consume than a year of bad weather. Further more, with planted tree projects, there is a real “wild west” on where your donations can go, and they only really make a long-term difference if the landowners maintain the forest. So, we decided to follow Primordial Rule No.2 and offer you a truly meaningful way to make a difference.

We’ve partnered with Project Seagrass, a brilliant charity that is dedicated to the restoration of seagrass meadows here in the UK, but has big dreams to expand worldwide! Project Seagrass estimates that the minimum carbon absorbed by a seagrass meadow is 0.4 tonnes of carbon per year. With good conditions and many more meadows, this figure will only rise! Plus, the real added bonus is the huge benefits seagrass offers as an ecosystem. It shelters many juvenile fish species of both commercial and ecological value, it’s home to rare beauties like seahorses and invites ancient visitors like sea turtles to nibble at its blades. So rather than selling you a big idea without a science basis, we felt it was right to make a small change and create a big difference.

The Primordial Seedbank-U-Lator works out a suggested number of seagrass seeds that you can choose to donate to the team at Project Seagrass. It’s currently 10p per seed and we reckon 1 seed per mile is a good place to start. Over time, as the project gets further and further established, this price will come down and your miles will be able to fund even more seagrass meadows.