#freespinfriday | Primordial Radio - Rock. Metal. Community.

#freespinfriday – Primordial Radio hands the music over to the listeners

Anything goes on a Friday (well musically at least) so get your song requests from 7am until 7 pm

  • Tweet PrimordialRadio with your request using the #freespinfriday
  • Visit the Primordial Radio Facebook page and leave your request in the comments on the #freespinfriday post
  • Text your Free Spin requests to 07520 633596 (*)
  • Email your requests in via the NEW email address freespin@primordialradio.com
  • Letters, Postcards and Carrier Pigeons accepted as well however Smoke Signals and Semaphore are subject to prevailing weather conditions.

What other rock and metal radio station gives you the option of choosing the music YOU want, every Friday, for 12 hours ?!

(*) Your normal mobile text/SMS charges will apply and please note this is an SMS only service !

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