Primordial Radio’s – One Word Wednesday Bingo! #owwb

Published in Station Updates, on Wednesday, November 21st, 2018

The Hive Mind achievement badge is up for grabs for the winner!

The chance to pick the twelve words and songs for next week will now be randomly drawn from the list of entries. That’s right folks you don’t have to win to pick the songs.

Last weeks winner was Mark Edge he picked up his 2nd badge!

Mark Edge was drawn at random…wait what! he also won owwb!?!…….aaaany way he was pick this weeks words & songs. So let’s step into her mind!

Oh and he said this to “Below is the list of the songs and words. I have stretched the rules on 3 of the words, as they are just 2 words with a hyphen in the middle. I can already feel the bemoaning of the words, but will openly take any feedback on Facebook or Twitter.” so you heard the man, get those tyres ready! (twitter = @the_edge99uk)

The words must relate to the song title. Here is an overview of the words:
1- Supernatural
2- Blackness
3- Timebomb
4- Thunderbirds
5- Paracetamol
6- Ala
7- Blood-Pact
8- Night-Air
9- Bernadette
10- Baghdad
11- Bender
12- Fire-Free

Click here to fill in your Google Docs Entry Form and enter #OWWB!

Good luck!



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