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A Special PeoplesPlaylust: #FuckCancer

Published / Fri 15 Jun 2018

I think this proves the point that Primordial Radio is more than than just a rock and metal internet radio station, it is a community/family

This was a message from Michael Murray:

“Morning fam. I’ve been out of the Primordial loop for a few weeks having found out that my beloved Gill Murray has been diagnosed with inoperable Pancreatic Cancer.
I wondered if you guys could put together a ‘FUCK YOU CANCER’ peoplesplaylust ? If it could be recorded and sent to me that would be even better!
If it happens I would like to kick it off with Wishing Wells by Parkway Drive.
To quote the great Dr Frasier Crane “Thanks for listening”.


Gill, Michael, words escape me, keep fighting, we’re sending you lots of love from everyone here at Primordial Radio. We’re all here for you, that’s what the PR Fam is all about.

Check out the Specials On-Demand section for this special,#fuckcancer People’s Playlist

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