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You may well have already read Juls’s post on Facebook explaining our cunning plan to have a concerted effort to EG1 instagram thoroughly with coordinated posting and coordinated tagging.

We tried this out with common & appropriate tagging for the Wagons/Evil Scarecrow announcement for the AGM, and it seemed to go pretty well! So we reckon we can give your Primordial Radio EG1s a boost by doing in on a regular concerted basis.

Here’s what to do. We give you a particular time, a set of tags relevant for a particular post and we go together – make sure the Primordial logo is nice and clear.

So post 1. We are going mugs (as it’s caused fun this week – and it stands out white against all the black in most of these tags). If you have a nice shiny mug, take a picture of it and post it at 7pm on Monday evening (this matters as it is the optimal time for Monday and better if we all go together). If you don’t have a mug, use the one I have shared here. Post about how great Primordial & your mug is in your own way, and include all of the following tags in a block at the bottom.

primordial radio #hesaid mug

#mug #mugsofinstagram #mugs #tea #brew #coffee #coffeeholic #coffeeart #coffeelover #coffeelovers #coffeebreak #metal #metalband #metallica #metalcore #melodicdeathmetal #metalmemes #rocknroll #rockandroll #rockstar #heavymetal #rocks #radiostation #radio #downloadfestival #download

Also, mention that people should use the EG1 code in your bio for three months free listening (edit your bio and set your website as your EG1 code link).

We all do this for a while and soon we shall all catch up with Mrs Barkel on the EG1 charts.

Happy Postings