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A Tale of Two Festivities – EP340

Published / Thu 13 Jul 2023

Primordial Radio Podcast Logo 2021 - Landscape Style

Photo: Primordial Radio Podcast Logo 2021 – Landscape

In this week’s podcast, Moose and Pete take the helm as Dews is unfortunately under the weather. They kick off the discussion by celebrating the resounding success of the Big Bang Five, Pete then shares his experience of the 2000 Trees Festival and how he was refused service at the bar due to the risk of lightning!

The guys also talk about the importance of Discord as a communication platform. They emphasize how this platform offers distinct advantages over traditional social media platforms when it comes to connecting with the PRfam. With real-time communication at its core, Discord enables them to engage in dynamic conversations, fostering a sense of community among the Primordial community. They highlight the ability to exercise control over content visibility, free from the constraints of algorithms that often hinder reach on other platforms.

The conversation then shifts to Bloodstock Festival and Moose and Pete express their excitement about seeing Devin Townsend and Igorr at the upcoming Arctangent festival. However, they can’t help but mention Heilung, known for their unconventional percussion instruments, they are made from, yes, human bones.

They also briefly touch upon their plans to attend the upcoming Radar Fest in Manchester and how this will likely be the last time people will get to see Sleep Token in a venue that small after selling out Wembley Arena in just 10 minutes.

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