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AI: Text To Music Generation Takes A Big Step Forward

Published / Mon 8 Apr 2024

AI: Text To Music Generation Takes A Big Step Forward

Photo: AI: Text To Music Generation Takes A Big Step Forward  /  Credit: Easy Peasy / PickPik

Stability AI has introduced the launch of Stable Audio 2.0, an upgraded variation of its AI-driven audio generation software.

This newest variation, released on April 3rd 2024 broadens the capability of its precursor to allow for the creation of musical thinking along with AI-produced sounds. It presents abilities for producing full-length songs of approximately 3 mins in 44.1 kHz stereo quality from text-based prompts.

Stable Audio 1.0 debuted in September 2023 and was identified for its capability to create quick sound clips from text prompts which were praised among TIME’s Best Inventions of 2023. Stable Audio 2.0 improves this structure by making it possible for the generation of longer audio, which can include complex songs.

AI Music Generation with Stable Sound 2.0

Stable Sound 2.0 additionally uses other attributes consisting of brand-new “audio-to-audio” abilities that enable individuals to submit their own sound examples to establish the design along with audio of AI-generated outcomes.

“With both text-to-audio and audio-to-audio prompting, users can produce melodies, backing tracks, stems, and sound effects, thus enhancing the creative process.”

– Stability AI

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Scepticism Remains Around AI Generated Music

Ed Newton-Rex, the business’s previous Vice President of Stability AI, left the business mentioning worries over making use of copyrighted products in the training datasets for AI designs.

“Companies worth billions of dollars are, without permission, training generative AI models on creators’ works, which are then being used to create new content that in many cases can compete with the original works. I don’t see how this can be acceptable in a society that has set up the economics of the creative arts such that creators rely on copyright.”

In reaction to these issues, Stability AI asserts that Stable Audio 2.0 uses a dataset accredited from the AudioSparx songs collection which is made up of over 800,000 sound designs. The firm highlights:

“Stable Audio 2.0 was exclusively trained on a licensed dataset from the AudioSparx music library, honoring opt-out requests and ensuring fair compensation for creators.”

The upgrade additionally incorporated Audible Magic to check sound uploads for copyright violation. Audible Magic uses web content acknowledgement technology to assist with real-time material matching to avoid copyright violations.

The brand-new design has been made available at no charge on the Stable Audio website and is anticipated to be incorporated into the Stable Audio API soon.

In addition, Stability AI has also launched Stable Radio, a 24/7 online stream showcasing songs created by Stable Audio.

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