The Primordial Radio Big Bang

So, what is the Primordial Radio Big Bang ?

A sort of Birthday/good excuse for everyone to get together for a few beers and a catchup after the madness of the Rock and Metal Music Festivals in the summer.  Organised by Mark Manby and hosted by OGRI MCC, everyone is welcome to pop along, have a drink, watch some bands and go “ooooohhhhhhh, aaaaahhhhhhhh” at the fireworks !

2019 sees the the return of the Big Bang – Big Bang 3 – ménage à trois (working title!)

Taking place 27 & 28th September at OGRI MCC, near Cirencester

Want to see what you have missed out on ?

2018 – The Big Bang 2 – The Second Coming

Check out the Primordial Radio Big Bang 2 Podcast….and OGRI did a little write up over on their website

2017 – The First Big Bang

The initial Big Bang writeup from OGRI MCC or take a listen to the podcast, recorded live