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Bing Bong – #owwb calling

Published / Tue 12 Feb 2019

#owwb one word wednesday bingo flyer

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How to play One Word Wednesday Bingo (#owwb)

Quite simply, there are 12 words which relate to a song title – guess correctly and be in with a chance of winning a Hive Mind Badge or the chance to pick the songs next week !

The chance to pick the twelve words and songs for next week will now be randomly drawn from the list of entries. That’s right folks you don’t have to win to pick the songs.

Last weeks winner was Stu Sanders-Gould, he picked up his 3rd Hive Mind badge.

Doctor Kazza was drawn at random to pick this weeks words & songs. He managed to get his list to me with a couple of hours of being picked… some one as a little eager!

The words must relate to the song title. Here is an overview of the words:

1 – Pyrexia
2 – Shampoo
3 – Gordons
4 – Munsterbride
5 – Exsanguination
6 – Omniscient
7 – Withot
8 – Necrophilia
9 – Previously
10 – Rock
11 – Metal
12 – Beyond

Head over here to fill in the #owwb BDF ! (Blunty’s Digital Form if you are new around here)

Good Luck !

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