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BLACKGOLD’s Enigmatic Appeal: A Music-First Philosophy

Published / Tue 2 Apr 2024

BLACKGOLD's Enigmatic Appeal: A Music-First Philosophy

Photo: BLACKGOLD’s Enigmatic Appeal: A Music-First Philosophy  /  Credit: Alex Hughes

BLACKGOLD is a band that has deliberately kept their backstory and identities obscured, preferring to let their music stand in the foreground. The nu-metal group believes that the intricacies of their formation, their personal histories, and identities should remain irrelevant to their audience.

Shrouded in Mystery, BLACKGOLD Focuses Solely on Their Sound

Speaking to Kerrang! the band state:

“We try to let the music do as much of the talking as it can,” explains frontman Spookz. “We have pasts we try to hide, we want to be as anonymous as possible and always will be. We all met each other in different, random circumstances throughout life, which none of us can really talk a lot about. BLACKGOLD is about the music, and anything else shouldn’t matter as far as we’re concerned. It doesn’t matter who we are, how cool we are on Instagram, or what our political views are.”

Primordial General Mayhem

Primordial Radio is hugely excited to announce that the unique and ever-evolving London 2-piece BOB VYLAN is set to headline the main event of the Primordial General Mayhem on Saturday 27th April 2024, with four-piece, loud, unapologetic, rock outfit from Nottingham, AS DECEMBER FALLS confirmed as main support.

Also confirmed for the Saturday event is BLACKGOLD, SAINT AGNES, CALVA LOUISE and NORTH ATLAS with the opening band to be decided by the listeners of Primordial Radio.

Primordial General Mayhem 2024 - Saturday Line-Up

Get Tickets

– The Primordial General Mayhem 2024
– Saturday 27th April
– KK’s Steel Mill: Wolverhampton, UK

Tickets on sale now.

Breathing Nu-Life Into Metal

BLACKGOLD aims to revitalize the nu-metal genre, which they believe has lost its spontaneity and diversity. Spookz laments the shift in music post-nu-metal era, noting a homogenization in bands’ appearances and sounds. He highlights the variety inherent in nu-metal, referencing bands like Limp Bizkit, Incubus, and System Of A Down as exemplars of the genre’s diversity.

The London-based quintet recently released their second EP, “Volume Two,” which serves as both a tribute to nu-metal and a call to not take life too seriously. The EP is described by Spookz as an “outrageous fun” and a “break from reality,” intended to invoke laughter and enjoyment rather than serious contemplation.

“Most people feel like life’s a bit of a struggle, right?” says Spookz. “This EP is purely about fun. If you take it really seriously, then you’ve missed the point. You should laugh a couple of times, whether you think, ‘Oh my God, that’s crap,’ or you’re like, ‘This is wicked.’ That’s what we want.”

From TikTok to Wembley: Making A Live Impact

Despite being relatively new to the scene, BLACKGOLD has already made significant strides, notably playing Download Festival, supporting Skindred and opening for Limp Bizkit at Wembley. The opportunity arose unexpectedly, with Spookz recounting a humorous anecdote about Fred Durst discovering the band on TikTok. This experience is just the beginning for BLACKGOLD, who have aspirations to tour with other major bands like Korn.

Having hosted BLACKGOLD for their 3rd ever live show at The Crauford Arms in Milton Keynes, we can guarantee you’re in for a treat when seeing them at this year’s Primordial General Mayhem. The band remains focused on delivering energetic performances and creating music that harkens back to the golden age of nu-metal, all while maintaining their enigmatic presence in the music industry.

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