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Bloodstock 2018 Revisited – Part 4 – Wednesday 13, Venom Inc Demonic Resurrection and Negative Thought Process

Published / Mon 4 Feb 2019

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Bloodstock 2018 Revisited – Part 4 featuring Wednesday 13, Venom Inc., Demonic Resurrection and Negative Thought Process.

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This episode is part 4 of a series of podcasts featuring Primordial Radio’s coverage of Bloodstock Festival 2018, and the interviews that the guys did over the course of the weekend.

Previously only available to Primordial Radio members, this episode of the Binge Thinking podcast was originally published in August 2018, so if you are not a member of Primordial Radio, here is what you missed out on !

This episode is open to everyone from 5th February 2019 for 30 days. Missed the window ? Not a problem, sign up for free and catch up with all the podcasts, get access to the live shows and get a discount on merch !

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