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BLOODYWOOD Interview – “We’re still pinching ourselves that this is all real!”

Published / Wed 16 Mar 2022

Jayant Bhadula of Bloodywood

Photo: Jayant Bhadula of Bloodywood

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BLOODYWOOD vocalist Jayant Bhadula recently spoke to Pete Bailey on Primordial Radio about their new album ‘Rakshak’, the current state of the Indian Metal Scene and the meaning behind their track ‘Aaj’.

Bloodywood is a Folk Metal band from India known for pioneering a sound that seamlessly fuses Indian Folk instruments with Metal to devastating effect.

Expect to hear the percussive power of the mighty Dhol, the melancholic Flute, the single stringed Tumbi and several other uncommon yet distinctively characteristic sounds from India.

A combination of thunderous Hindi/Punjabi Choruses and meaningful yet unforgiving Rap verses along with the ethnic instrumentation makes Bloodywood a truly unique experience.

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