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Wanna blow your own trumpet – for free ?

Published / Tue 12 Nov 2019

The Primordial Bazaar will be opening soon

The Primordial Radio Bazaar

Many of the Primordial Radio Community are micro/small business owners or they want to be.

One of the biggest challenges is getting yourself out there and known about, without spending a fortune.

Look at  Primordial Radio and how it has grown. From an idea to a reality. A perfect demonstration of what can be achieved.

Fire in your business details and we’ll add you to The Bazaar which is launching soon!

Get your pitch at the Bazaar

And it is FREE and EXCLUSIVE for Primordial Radio members !

What is the Primordial Bazaar ?

The Primordial Radio Bazaar (or should that bizarre) is a way of business networking without the suits & ties.
Not talking to strangers – you already have a common interest – rock and metal music.
It’s not just “selling things” that count, its being able to have a pool of resources you can call upon.
You can potentially attract new clients & the Primordial Radio community has an in-house resource for “I need someone to….”
Win Win…….

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