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Blue Monday isn’t a thing ! Help coping with Winter Blues & SAD

Published / Fri 13 Jan 2023

Moose and Sam, The Primordial Mental Health champion will be Myth busting Blue Monday at 10:00 on Primordial Radio.
Sam will be covering how rubbish the Blue Monday myth actually is, chatting about what Winter Blues and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) actually are, how to relieve the symptoms if you are struggling during the winter months PLUS a feelgood playlust to accompany the chat.

If you can’t listen to the show, here is a quick TL;DR

  • The concept of Blue Monday trivialises depression, which is obviously not a one-day occurrence.
  • It can happen at any time and can effect anyone.
  • It can be severe, debilitating and life-threatening.
  • If you are struggling at the moment it is important to visit your GP.

Mental Health is one the Pillars of Primordial Radio and we have some Winter Wellbeing Tips available here, as well as a large collection of Mental Health information and links to groups and organisations that can help if you are struggling

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