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Bob Vylan To Host 1-Hour Special on Primordial Radio

Published / Thu 4 Apr 2024

Bob Vylan to host 1 Hour Special on Primordial Radio

Photo: Bob Vylan to host 1 Hour Special on Primordial Radio  /  Credit: Primordial Radio / Paul Jack

Primordial Radio is excited to announce that the unique and ever-evolving London 2-piece BOB VYLAN will be hosting a 1-hour radio special this Friday at 12:00pm (BST).

Frontman Bobby will be discussing and playing tracks from their new album Humble As The Sun as well as talking about the importance of community in music, being a positive force in the world and looking ahead to their highly anticipated headline show at the Primordial General Mayhem 2024. 

Bob Vylan Gears Up To Release Humble As The Sun

Speaking about their new album Humble As The Sun, Bobby states

The title emerged from meditation sessions in a studio space I was fortunate to enter through an acquaintance who soon became a friend. It was in Windy Ridge, a house with a beautiful garden that felt like a slice of nature, with its summertime sun, a cat, and birds. In this setting, I aimed to craft an album signifying the band’s evolution. The environment fostered development, leading naturally to this progression. Engaging in self-reflection and observing nature, especially the sun’s constant presence, unapologetically shining regardless of circumstances, inspired me. I aspired to embrace this trait, refusing to dim my light for anything or anyone.

This concept became the album’s title, embodying a refusal to compromise my essence. Recognizing both my and the band’s achievements, and openly celebrating these accomplishments, the album aims to empower and instill self-belief in listeners. This record, made primarily for us, serves as a reminder of our journey, achievements, and aspirations. On challenging days, playing specific tracks renews my sense of purpose and progress, a sentiment I hope resonates with others.

Listen to the 1-hour special with Bobby below.

You can order your copy of Humble As The Sun here.

Bob Vylan - Humble As The Sun

Humble As The Sun tracklisting:

1. Humble As The Sun (intro) ft. Jerub
2. Reign
3. GYAG (Get Yourself A Gun)
4. Dream Big
5. Hunger Games
6. Right Here
7. Makes Me Violent
8. He’s A Man
9. Ring The Alarm
10. I’m Still Here

Primordial General Mayhem

Primordial Radio is hugely excited to announce that the unique and ever-evolving London 2-piece BOB VYLAN is set to headline the main event of the Primordial General Mayhem on Saturday 27th April 2024, with four-piece, loud, unapologetic, rock outfit from Nottingham, AS DECEMBER FALLS confirmed as main support.

Also confirmed for the Saturday event is BLACKGOLD, SAINT AGNES, CALVA LOUISE and NORTH ATLAS with the opening band to be decided by the listeners of Primordial Radio.

Primordial General Mayhem 2024 - Saturday Line-Up

Get Tickets

– The Primordial General Mayhem 2024
– Saturday 27th April
– KK’s Steel Mill: Wolverhampton, UK

Tickets on sale now.

Returning To The PGM As Headliners

In an impressive journey marked by rapid growth, Bob Vylan’s return to headline the Primordial General Mayhem in 2024, after their memorable performance in 2022, signifies more than just a slot on a festival lineup. It illustrates the band’s ascending trajectory and the deep connection they’ve forged with their audience and the festival itself.

Their 2022 appearance at the PGM coincided with the release of ‘Bob Vylan Presents: The Price of Life’ on April 22nd, a day that not only marked a milestone in their discography but also underscored their kinetic performance and the warm reception by the Primordial community.

Reflecting on the experience, Bobby emphasized the significance of hospitality and appreciation in their decision to return to the PGM.

Last time, it was just insane, truly a wild show. I remember the album came out that day. One thing that really stood out was the hospitality, which is crucial. It’s not just about the performance itself but feeling appreciated and wanted, which influences our decision to return to festivals. Everyone was incredibly helpful, especially during load-in and navigating the venue, which left a lasting impression.

The show itself was marked by a massive stage invasion, something I hadn’t anticipated. It was pandemonium but in the best way possible. It created a fun, playful environment, especially for those seeing us for the first time. Adjusting our track introductions for a younger audience, even incorporating references like Paw Patrol, was a unique challenge. After the show, interacting with the audience, taking photos, and chatting, underscored the positive impact of our performance. Returning feels right, especially with another album release coinciding with our performance.

Headlining this time feels amazing. It shows the band’s growth and the recognition of our hard work. I always strive to have a realistic view of where the band stands, so seeing this progression and having it acknowledged is very affirming. I’m excited for the upcoming show, anticipating a fun experience for both returning fans and newcomers, hoping they have an experience as memorable as those who were there in 2022.

As they prepare to take the stage at the PGM in 2024, their story is one of relentless progress, genuine connection, and the transformative power of music. Their journey from an electrifying act in 2022 to headliners in 2024 encapsulates the essence of what it means to grow as artists and resonate deeply with an audience, setting the stage for a performance that is sure to be talked about for years to come.

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