Caught in a Mash – Otters Tears II

Published in Gigs & Events, on Tuesday, October 13th, 2020

Episode Number Nine

CAUGHT IN A MASH was back for for another “drink along” on the Primordial Radio Twitch Channel !

Sean Ayling from Tom’s Tap & Brewhouse chatted with Phil from Otters Tears.

If you missed it, it is available over on our Twitch Channel now as well as here !

Joining Phill and Sean next week 20th October is none other than Dewsbury. They will be partaking in w*nky lagers (Dewsbury’s words), readily available from supermarkets.

  • Keller Pils – Lost and Grounded, Waitrose
  • Camden Hells – AbinBev – Tesco, Sainsbury’s
  • Aldi Rheinbacker Pilsner – Aldi

Join us on Caught in a Mash next Tuesday 20th October @ 8pm


Hopefully we’ll see you next Tuesday on Twitch !

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