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Caught in a Mash – Top Rope Brewing

Published / Tue 18 Aug 2020

Episode Number Three

CAUGHT IN A MASH was back for for another “drink along” on the Primordial Radio Twitch Channel !

Phill from Primordial Radio and Sean Ayling from Tom’s Tap & Brewhouse chatted with Neil & Ben from Top Rope Brewing.
Never fear it’ll appear here and on our Twitch Channel shortly.

Joining Phill and Sean next week (25th August) is Neptune Brewery

“Since 2015, we have been brewing quality beer that is both traditional and modern. In keeping with the name of the brewery, the majority of our beers are given a water-themed name deriving from fish, the sea, and mythological creatures.”

As for drinking along beers next week – hit up the Neptune Brewery website and go with :

  • On the Bounty – A delicious rich and smooth dark chocolate stout
  • Melissa Cole-sch – A crisp and clean Kölsch style beer
  • Charybdis – available on their website soon!

Join us on Caught in a Mash next Tuesday 25th August @ 8pm and we’ll be drinking three of his beers which you can buy from his website if you want to join in with the #supalong.


Hopefully we’ll see you next Tuesday on Twitch !

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