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Changing the Rules – EP314

Published / Wed 11 Jan 2023

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Episode 314

Moose & Dews catch up once again, and after a lengthy explanation of why Dews is wearing sunglasses in a darkened room, they come onto the important business of the Primordial rules, of which there are only three;

1. Don’t be a dick,
2. Do the right thing,
3. If in doubt, see Rule 1.

The discuss if these rules are still fit for purpose or if – after all these years – it might be time for a change.
There is also talk of the Inkubus, currently up for sale on Ebay and the upcoming PGM .

Don’t forget the Primordial Meet-up at Tom’s Tap and Brewhouse in Crewe on January 14th – all the details for the #prfam rock and metal community meetup are here

You can watch the Primordial weekly podcast live every Wednesday from 11am via the Primordial Radio Twitch channel ? or catch up with stuff you might have missed

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