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The Nu Face Of Metal: CHAOSEUM – Where Korn Meets Avatar

Published / Thu 22 Dec 2022

The Nu Face Of Metal: CHAOSEUM - Where Korn Meets Avatar

Photo: The Nu Face Of Metal: CHAOSEUM – Where Korn Meets Avatar  /  Credit: Chaoseum

With their Korn influence worn proudly on their sleeves, CHAOSEUM is making waves with their unique combination of influences, from the heavy sounds and raw aesthetic to a theatrical gothic twist.

The Swiss Nu Metal / Metalcore band was quickly noticed by Soulfly and they embarked on a US tour together in September 2018. Most recently, CHAOSEUM took Los Angeles by storm with an electrifying performance at NAMM before performing at the legendary The Whisky A Go Go.

In June 2022 they were invited onto one of Europe’s most notable outdoor stages, “Out in the Green Festival” with Eluveitie, Five Finger Death Punch and Sabaton where Metallica was meant to perform but unfortunately had cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. The growth wouldn’t stop there as just a few months later they embarked on a run of US headlining dates for the Arctic Chaos Tour.

CHAOSEUM Discography

Hailing from Lausanne, Switzerland in 2018 they released their debut album “First Step To Hell”, followed by a limited edition live record at Les Docks in 2019 with Eluveitie and later joined Tarja (Ex-Nightwish) for a tour in Russia entitled “Raw Russian Tour 2019”.

After releasing their second studio album, “Second Life”, which saw over 9 million views on Youtube for the track “Smile Again” in 2020, CHAOSEUM continued to rise. Despite challenges caused by COVID-19 in 2021, they managed to create an acoustic album called  “Second Skin” and accompanying videos that also proved popular.

Their fourth major release came out in November 2022 entitled – ‘The Third Eye’ and they continue to build an international fanbase one fan at a time.

I was born in 86, this kind of music was part of me growing up in the 90’s. I’ll never forget my generation’s music and it’s so fucking badass to hear it again, in a new context, in 2022. I feel like you guys have tapped something that alot of us secretly want again, and you did an amazing job of it in the process, sounding like an emerging nu-metal band from the early 00’s but somehow keeping it original and bringing it back to us now. Never give up on what you are doing, because we fucking love it and want more.

As a lifelong fan of Korn, I think this is absolutely beautiful stuff. To me, this is a band that shared that same love of Korn that we all had growing up, and now they’ve stepped up to carry the metaphorical torch and continue that legacy, with their own special touch.

Chaoseum are amazing at capturing a sad tone and sad lyrics with their heavy metal style, alot of people see the similarities to Korn and I’m not saying they aren’t there but Chaoseum have such a good style that I wouldn’t say Is purely Korn because it’s not, Joanthan Davis had a really creative sound with Korn but CK smile and everyone else in Chaoseum have the sound but their lyrics and overall tone feels completely original.

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Check out the video for their latest single “My Wonderland”.

Band Members

CK Smile – Vocals
Valery Veings – Guitar
Loic Duruz – Guitar
Greg Turini – Drum


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