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Coffee with a bang

Published / Fri 4 Sep 2020

Cannonball Coffee via Primordial Radio

a wonderful offer for you lovely rock and metal coffee lovers.

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Cannonball Coffee are based in Blandford and was started by Duncan after doing an 8 year stint in the British Army.

Over to Duncan

It wasn’t until working with the Danish Army in Afghanistan in 2012 that I was first exposed to really good strong coffee and the idea of drinking it black. We’re so conditioned to bad coffee in the UK that the default is milk and two sugars.

I learnt to roast at Winchester Coffee School in 2017 and started roasting coffee at home in Salisbury. Realising this wasn’t a scalable business I joined forces with Ben who owns Beanpress Coffee. Together we roast and ship from his state of the art roastery near Blandford.

We focus on crafting great-tasting high-caffeine coffee to help fuel active lifestyles. Cannonball coffee is the strongest coffee in the UK, and the only strong coffee that is genuinely nice to drink.

So if you want to mosh harder, shred faster, pull an all nighter or just fancy some bloody good, freshly ground coffee to start your day – we can sort that for you.

“The team have drank multiple cups of Cannonball over the last few weeks and it’s flipping good stuff!“ – Blunty

We’re taking orders each week, these will be sent to Cannonball to be prepped every Sunday and then sent your coffee will be sent straight to you on Tuesday (maybe Wednesday, it depends on how much coffee Blunty Senior has consumed!)

Cannonball Coffee

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