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….8,9,10 – coming ready or not…..

Published / Thu 27 Feb 2020

A warm Primordial welcome to the Presenters in Studios 8, 9 and 10 !

Juls in Studio 8 at Primordial Radio

Aye Aye! I am Juls and I am Primordial. Music has always been my life so when the opportunity to become involved in Primordial Radio arose I grabbed it with both hands. First hocking the beer and now….actually on the station eeeeeek!!
I have zero xp in professional broadcasting but, a few impromptu shows in, I’ve kinda got the deal and I like to think my love of the music and the ability to talk the hind leg off a chair will see me reet. I’ll keep it non ranty, play all the bangers and hopefully keep you entertained on a weekend while you’re going about the tedium that is life admin. Studio8 baby!!!!

John in Studio 9 at Primordial Radio

Hello I am John. I am so excited to be a part of this family coming at you from Downunder. I am a rock and metal and musical madman, a bad guitarist, and a lover of Manchester and the wider UK. I love new music. I love what is coming from the underground. I love what an established band does next. I have searched the world for a medium that goes beyond the generic greatest hits format of traditional radio and ended up lost. My journey began with a community radio spot in the nineties that didn’t lead to much, but I kept searching, watching bands and buying music. I eventually discovered Rock Radio/Real XS/Team Rock and found there are some seriously fun and committed presenters who are passionate as I am about rock and metal.
With the formation of Primordial Radio, I have these personalities back in my life, who seem like mates, even though they are thousands of miles away. I also have the PRFam, the most beautiful bunch of likeminded individuals, who have your back, like a tasty beverage, like a party and love rock and metal. Come to our AGM, you will have a blast as my Wife, and I did attending our very first event. Primordial Radio is there for us and now I can contribute even being so far away. As engraved on my Stormbender speaker, I follow the motto of Love, Life and Lollipops. I am Primordial Radio.

Sian in Studio 10 at Primordial Radio

Alright! My name is Sian but my mates call me Muggs (short for Muggins)
Things that make me grin… cartoons, guitars, comics, games, loud music, martinis, skateboarding and beer. Although, it’s not always a good idea to mix those last two things together – I’ll tell you that story another time. I’m in Studio 10, in East London. My two dogs are also here with me, which to be quite frank is a terrible idea as they are super noisy and have decided that I absolutely must be alerted every time a car drives past.
I love terrible jokes, I love hanging out with people and talking rubbish and I love things that are spooky. When people who know me call me a weirdo it makes me proud, because that’s who I am. I’m also proud that I’m super queer… I am proud to be a queerdo. I am Primordial Radio.

When should I listen to catch these wonderful new presenters ?

Here is the new schedule …

New Studios - New Schedule 2020

Oh, and if you want a doughnut  you had best see Robert who managed to get all the names 🙂 Take a listen to Episode 163 if you have no idea what this about

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