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Crofty’s back for a second lap !

Published / Wed 13 Mar 2019

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Photo: david-croft-dewsbury  /  Credit: David Croft - F1 Commentator & Primordial Radio Member

Vrrroommmm….Crofty’s Tracks #2 …from Melbourne !

Sky Sports F1 & Darts commentator David Croft (Crofty) loves his rock music , he is also a member of Primordial Radio and to complete the hat trick, he is a mate of Dewsbury as well !

This week Crofty is in Melbourne for the F1 this week, so tune in for some race related chat and more of Crofty’s tunes during Dewsbury’s afternoon show on Thursday !

Missed the first, of hopefully many, Crofty’s Tracks ? Primordial members can listen here

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