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Crofty’s Tracks – Lap 2 Britain/Anniversary GP

Published / Fri 7 Aug 2020

Back for a 2nd Year !

Episode 2 of Crofty’s tracks – Britain/Anniversary GP

Throughout the 2020 F1 season, rock fan, Sky Sports F1 commentator, and Primordial Radio member David Croft is joining Dews on-air with playlists of the tracks he’s listening to while he jets off around the world as part of the F1 circus.

Croftys Tracks 2nd Lap

The full show complete with music will be broadcast on Thursday 12th March from 15:00.

In this latest episode of Crofty’s Tracks, Crofty has the luxury of being at home!
This chat was recorded in the week between the two Grand Prix being held at Silverstone in 2020, that being the British GP and the 70th Anniversary GP. The guys get talking about a whole bunch of stuff, from F1 bubbles, to those amazing last laps of the British GP, to the difference tyre compounds could make to the upcoming 70th Anniversary GP. There’s also a bit of music as well.

Here is a little teaser for you…..

The full podcast will be available exclusively for Primordial Radio members via the Primordial Radio App later on 7th August 2020 and on the website from today

These shows are pre-recorded, with only the voice links going out on-air as part of the broadcast. This podcast however, is a complete recording of Crofty and Dews’ conversation during the show, with all the off-air bits, production notes and asides.

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