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Crofty’s Tracks – Podcast 3 available now

Published / Fri 26 Apr 2019

Crofty’s Tracks Episode 03: Azerbaijan 2019

The third episode of the Crofty’s Tracks podcast is live exclusively for Primordial Radio members on the website now.

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Throughout the 2019 F1 season, rock fan, Sky Sports F1 commentator, and Primordial Radio member David Croft is joining Dews on-air with playlists of the tracks he’s listening to while he jets off around the world as part of the F1 circus. These shows are pre-recorded, with only the voice links going out on-air as part of the broadcast. This podcast however, is a complete recording of Crofty and Dews’ conversation during the show, with all the off-air bits, production notes and asides.

This episode features some great music from the likes of , F1 chat, the problem with passwords, and vindictive coconuts – take a listen here

This show was originally broadcast on Thursday April 25th 2019; the week of the Azerbaijan F1 Grand Prix 2019; A Grand Prix that marks a special milestone for Crofty.

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