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Crofty’s Tracks

Published in Station Updates, on Wednesday, March 6th, 2019

New Feature Alert !

Sky Sports F1 & Darts commentator David Croft (Crofty) loves his rock music , he is also a member of Primordial Radio and to complete the hat trick, he is a mate of Dewsbury as well !

As he travels the world to exotic locations to cover the F1 races, Crofty likes to take his music with him in the form of Spotify playlists which he also publishes for the world to listen to.This seemed like the ideal combination for a new Primordial Radio feature,  so Crofty will be joining Dewsbury on-air to chat about his track and playlist choices, F1, and anything else that comes up.

We’re calling it “Crofty’s Tracks” and the very first one airs Thursday 7th March 2019 at 1700 !


Missed the first, of hopefully many, Crofty’s Tracks ? Primordial members can listen here

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