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Delilah Bon’s Music Featured In New Netflix’s Series

Published / Thu 7 Mar 2024

Delilah Bon's Music Featured In Netflix's Series

Photo: Delilah Bon’s Music Featured In Netflix’s Series  /  Credit: Delilah Bon / Netflix

Brat Punk artist Delilah Bon has recently announced that her track “I Wish A Bitch Would” has been included in the Netflix series “The Gentlemen”. This marks Bon’s debut on the streaming platform, a significant milestone in her music career. Bon, who took on both the writing and production of the song, shared her enthusiasm about the song’s inclusion in the show, which premiered today.

Expressing a mix of excitement and anticipation, Bon revealed that she has not yet watched the episode featuring her song, preferring to experience it along with her audience. She highlighted the personal importance of the track, describing it as “my baby,” and shared her initial surprise at the series’ interest in her music.

Delilah Bon Gets Onto Netflix

Bon encouraged her followers to watch “The Gentlemen” on Netflix, though she refrained from sharing any details to avoid spoilers. Additionally, she mentioned the upcoming release of another song, “Maverick,” further adding to her reasons for celebration.

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The inclusion of “I Wish A Bitch Would” in “The Gentlemen” represents a huge achievement for Delilah Bon and reflects the growing trend of artists gaining exposure through placements in film and television in the streaming era broadening their reach and potentially opening up new opportunities outside the traditional means of exposure.

Hey everyone, I got some crazy news. So my song I wish a bitch would is now on Netflix. It’s on the series The gentlemen that came out literally today Um, i’ve been wanting to talk about this for ages because it’s like so exciting I’ve never had my music on netflix before so this is my debut and um, yeah, so the gentlemen Wow, they asked if they could use my music and I was like me you you want You want me?

I, I produced that myself. Like, I wrote that and produced that myself. That’s my baby. So my babe is on Netflix. Oh my god. Um, so I haven’t watched it yet. I’m super, I’m super nervous, but uh, I’m not nervous. I’m just excited, but um, but I haven’t watched it yet. So, um, and it’s annoying because I can’t show you because I can’t give you the spoilers.

So you have to go watch yourself. Go and watch The Gentlemen on Netflix and go and go and see it. I’m feeling super excited today because my song Maverick comes out at midnight and, and yeah, I’m on Netflix, whoa. So yeah, I’m super happy, go and check it out, go and watch The Gentlemen on Netflix and go see your girl, your girl.

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Delilah Bon's Music Featured In Netflix's Series

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Delilah Bon's Music Featured In Netflix's Series

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