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Downland Festival 2018 – the aftermath

Published / Fri 15 Jun 2018

Download Festival 2018

Great weather, great music, average beer and amazing company. (Ed, I only wish I’d been there)

This is what our intrepid trio had to say:


“It’s not where you are but who you’re with, is how I’d best describe Download. All the tangible elements were superb: impeccably organised, FOH teams were friendly and helpful, music was tremendous, and the weather was excellent. What truly made the event were the intangible elements of friendship, love, and support from the PRFam. Many folk went by themselves yet were not alone. The festival itself was truly excellent. Coupled with the PRFam made it easily the best ever.”


“One of my festival highlights has to be meeting up with the PRFam on the Thursday night, up in the campsite village. It was a mondo pain to get there, as the shuttlebus was utter balls, but we finally made it. It was our first night there, still feeling kinda fresh, and looking forward to an epic weekend ahead, and it was our first glimpse of just how many Primordial shirts we’d come to see over the weekend. LOVED IT!

Another of my personal festival highlights were Parkway Drive, both to watch as a band and to interview. Massive props to Pete, who arranged a chat with Winston for me on the Saturday afternoon. As ever, he was a joy to talk to, and I got loads of cool info on the new album from him. Then the band burnt a massive, fuck-off hole in the second stage. HOLY SHIT that was epic! Band of the weekend, no doubt.

An extra highlight was the double-O himself, Ozzy Osbourne. I was in a grump on the Sunday as I was tired, and I wanted to leave early to get home and watch the F1. I was convinced Ozzy would be shite, because with Sabbath in ’16 he couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket. We ended up staying on the condition that we’d leave after 20 mins if he was rubbish. OH. MY. GOD. He was brilliant. It was the Prince of fucking Darkness, he was on-form, and ZAKK WYLDE WAS PLAYING GUITAR! For 90-odd minutes on that Sunday night, I was in heaven.”


“The highlight of Download 2018 this year for me was just getting to hang out with the #PRfam, from getting lost on the way to the village, singing YMCA at 3am in The Doghouse and assembling en masse to watch Massive Wagons after the group photo. The whole weekend was just fucking ace and I can’t wait for next year.”

As you can see, Dews was making up for his brief live broadcast links (thanks to dying batteries).

Most importantly what stands out is what really made the festival, you guys.

Without you all it would have been a much poorer festival. Give yourselves a round of applause, you deserve it.

Oh, thanks to the bands too, they definitely added a little something.

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