Episode 8 of The Sea Word with The Blowfish – Orangutans

Published in Station Updates, The Sea Word Podcast with The Blowfish, on Wednesday, September 5th, 2018

*MEMBER EXCLUSIVE PODCAST* – with everything you could want to know about Dewsbury’s closest relatives – Orangutans !

The Blowfish dives into the dense jungles of Borneo and Sumatra to bring you some tasty tidbits on the magnificent Orang-utan, how it’s social life works, why it loves a comfy bed and just how you can protect this animal, which is our closest living relative.




Join Tom “The Blowfish” Hird on a journey through amazing animal adaptations, incredible biological facts, and some home-grown conservation, as he talks you through some of the most amazing critters on the planet and how YOU can save them.

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