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Why I’m THAT difficult woman

International Women’s Day

I’m Janine – goth, metaller, steampunk, feminist, historian, dyslexic, former teacher, chill vegan, lefty liberal type and owned by ferrets (yeah, I’m THAT difficult woman).

I have a weird job which I love; I work in an historic garden cemetery doing public engagement (link to and I’m also half way through a professional part-time PhD in Heritage. When not talking about dead people or frantically reading and writing, I play the saxophone, sew my own clothes and build my goth garden. Unsurprisingly as a #PRFam member, going to gigs and festivals is a massive part of my life and I miss it so much right now.

IWD is the big reminder to me that if the amazing women who went before me hadn’t done what they did, I would not have all the freedoms to do what I do. I can go to university, attend a gig alone, vote, wear what I want and do what I want. IWD for me is about making sure the next generation have all of this and more, at home and around the world.

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My idol is Emily Crawford.
She was an Irish journalist who risked her life to report war stories, including the first person to report from the Siege of Paris in 1871.
She raised the profile of female journalist by demonstrating what could be done by a woman and won a wide range of awards for her amazing work.
She was brave, brilliant and enthusiastic. Her contribution to journalism and getting stories out to the world in an amazingly tempestuous period of history is a huge inspiration and was extra impressive in what was (and still is) a male dominated profession.