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Why not “cheat” and raise some funds for a worthwhile cause ?


From Stephen Ridout

I managed to convince 5 people to actually pay to listen to Primordial Radio, and as a reward I can star in my own Primordial Radio stager, but I’m a chickenshit and don’t really feel comfortable doing it, but I know many out there do, but may be struggling to hit that 5 EG1 mark

So I’m auctioning mine off, to raise money for charity, one that’s close to my heart currently Alzheimer’s Research as my mother is currently suffering with it, and believe me its such a hard thing to go through.

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I’m looking to raise £300 by selling 100 tickets at £3.00 each, to try and make it as fair as possible, that everyone who wants a chance to get a ticket i would ask that until 8th August could everyone just buy 1 ticket

And then after that, if you wish you can purchase a further 3 tickets, or 4 if you have not brought any beforehand

I am looking to use an Online raffle wheel, to do the draw unless anyone has a better idea.

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