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#flavtag vs Mooby on Hybrid Query

Published / Thu 28 Jan 2021

Claire Flavin vs John Moorby

Hybrid Query Show Title

Hybrid Query returns for Episode 5 tonight, with your host “Video John” !

After the too’ing and fro’ing, ducking and diving and the scandal that will be known as #cardgate, no carry over winner this week – a straight head to head with Claire vs Mooby !
Grab your popcorn, take a seat and watch the choas that will (probably) ensue !

If you haven’t watched before, two Primordial Radio Presenters go head to head in a quiz show stylie, with the chance to play the Conway Twitty joker card to double the points !
Rounds on the quiz are

  • Specialist subject
  • Fact Hunt
  • The Hollywood Hotline
  • The ‘Bum Reveal
  • Go Home or Go Away
  • and if they are lucky, there may be some sneaky bonus rounds as well!

If you missed last weeks show, behold, it is here for your viewing pleasure/pain – depending on whether you like that sort of thing or not !

If you want the full viewing experience with the live chat comments, hit up our Twitch channel.

Watch Hybrid Query Thursday 28th January 2021 at 8pm on Primordial Radio Twitch channel.

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