Good Luck Porridge – Episode 111 – Primordial Radio Podcast

Published in Primordial Radio Podcast, Station Updates, on Thursday, February 21st, 2019

This week begins with advice for one particular member of PRFam. Our own steampunk stand-up Dr. Cornelius Porridge has an amazing opportunity in radio, so – as experienced radio professionals – Moose and Dews decide to dispense advice. They – possibly – also demonstrate exactly why they’ve set up their OWN radio station, as opposed to trying to convince someone else to hire them.

Then the topic drifts to more business content such as the growth of Primordial Radio, and the importance of planning the next steps of the business, including the upcoming Drinkin’ In Lincoln 2019.

There’s also an update on the Pete-camping-on-the-LRTB story. It’s as predictable as you’d imagine, if you heard the podcast last week.

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