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Grease is the word – The Tiki Order Incident

Published / Tue 4 Aug 2020

Oil Beef Hooked – that was unexpected

Update from Blunty & Matt regarding the Tiki Primordial Radio Merch

The recent preorder stock was due to be delivered on Thursday and as many of you have noticed it hasn’t arrived.
Nor did I get any delivery notification from APC after I had the dispatch info from Pins & Knuckles.
After chasing things up today it would seem our boxes are currently sat at the Warwickshire depot pending delivery back to P&K.
During the shipping from London to Warwick our boxes have been soaked in grease/oils from whatever was stacked above them. Whatever was placed above them has burst in the heat and soaked our boxes (which were on the bottom levels due to weight) and the garments and boxes have soaked up the puddles they were sat in.

In the words of APC the garments are ‘ruined’, but P&K will be inspecting everything once returned to their warehouse.
As we don’t have our garments bagged individually then that will ensure they’ve absorbed whatever they’ve been sat in :/ <insert Juan Sheet/Tena joke here>

This whole dilemma is being handled by P&K personally and when the stock is returned to them they will check it over and will fully reprint our whole order again, invoicing APC’s insurance department for reimbursement!

We are on a priority to reprint so as soon as P&K has reviewed the state of all the stock to put in their complaint I’ll know when to expect our new delivery.”

What now?

  • Pre orders that had stock items included in the order will have those bits sent as a matter of urgency.
  • If you are awaiting pre order items and would prefer to cancel the items instead of waiting, we will happily refund you.

If you want a refund rather than waiting – hit up Primordial Support here

Sorry for the hassle, this one was completely out of our hands !

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