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Hybrid Query returns on Twitch

Published / Thu 17 Dec 2020

“Great Scott, it’s Emma” vs Moose

The new game show Hybrid Query returns tonight with your host “Video John” Heaney !
Two Primordial Presenters go head to head over multiple rounds in true quiz show style.

Moose returns to defend his title this week after his victory over Dewsbury in the first show. Moose, perhaps giddy after his win, decided to challenge Emma Scott in the next Hybrid Query show.
If you missed last weeks sneaky release, behold, it is here for your viewing pleasure/pain – depending on whether you like that sort of thing or not !

If you want the full viewing experience with the live chat comments, hit up our Twitch channel.

Watch Hybrid Query Thursday 17th December at 8pm on Primordial Radio Twitch channel.

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