Who’s in the soup?

There are a lot of people in the soup. They do stuff and things and what not. These are they and these are their stories.

hugh evans


I am Primordial Radio. I have dreams, aspirations, and hopes tempered by fear, doubts, and uncertainty, I have good moments and bad and never a day passes where I get it all right. I do my best with what I have and strive to make things better. I passionately believe in people and their ideas and think the world would be a better place with less ego, vanity, anger and greed. I am a father, husband, son, brother, friend, and colleague and in all those roles I try to be myself. I drink way too much and truly wish I knew why. I like music, particularly rock, but it’s the people I love as they make me feel less lonely. Along with my wife, Jo, I have written two children’s books (have a look if you’re interested) and I have spent virtually all my adult life working in radio.


Northern Powerhouse

I am Primordial Radio. I'm also not one to take myself too seriously. Moose once told me "Just because we make light of a situation, doesn't mean we take it lightly" and that stuck with me, as it kinda sums up my approach to work, life and everything else. Take care of business, but try and have fun while you're doing it. I'm a professional broadcaster who has been lucky enough to spend his entire career so far working in rock music. This is in my blood; both the music and entertaining people. Before I figured out that radio was the direction I wanted to go in, I spent years plugging away with bands, convinced that rock superstardom was my destiny. Unsurprisingly, it wasn't. Go figure. Once I realised that the world just wasn't ready for my music (or that I wasn't good enough!) it came as no surprise when I gravitated towards a career in entertainment. I've been the class clown since infant school, and now that I'm 36 years old that shows no sign of letting up. I was trying to think of something I could write here about life outside of work, but it always seems to come out sounding like a dating advert... "I enjoy long walks in to country, watching sunsets, and burning churches etc..." Fuck that. For the last few months Primordial has been my life. The pub, the xbox and the gym have only really been extended lunch breaks from this, and I wouldn't want it any other way. Oh, and I'm a fully paid-up crazy-cat-person as well. My cat Max is definitely the brains in my house.

Pete Bailey


Alright, alright, alright... How do! I'm Pete Bailey and I am Primordial Radio. For the last decade (fucking hell, a decade?!?!) I've spent my life in the world of rock & metal trying to promote new bands in whatever way I could. It's had its ups and downs but I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat. I exercise too little, watch way too much Netflix and sadly now get awful hangovers, EUGH. Perhaps it was from watching Back To The Future as a kid but I've always believed the future is whatever we make of it and if you want to change something, then go ahead and change it. I love to travel, hang with friends, spend time with family and have an insatiable appetite for all things interesting and fascinating in the world, which led me to start my own podcast 'Wonder Junkie' where I basically geek out about science, film, history and music if that takes your fancy - Wonder Junkie

John Hamelink


As our resident startup advisor, John has been using his past experience of raising £150,000 with Find a Player on Seedrs in September 2015 to help us get prepared for this crowdfund. A programmer by trade, John Hamelink has been building products for 10 years, and has worked with brands such as Arsenal Football Club, the European Union, Eurostar, Arnold Clark and Tennents Brewery. When John isn't working, he's listening to slow, doomy, sludgy metal and being silly at festivals.

Stephen James

Marketing Hero

A metal loving petrolhead that spends his time playing with cars, watching cars race, basically the guy not to sit next to at a dinner party. A love affair with Rock & Metal started with Bon Jovi, quickly progressed to Marilyn Manson and then a broader range of genres. The day job is helping organisations with their customer experience, using a data driven approach to marketing and sales in order to find new opportunities and improve customer communications. See http://www.silver-jet.co.uk or contact me on stephen@silver-jet.co.uk for more information.

Paul Johnson

App Man

Born of the planet Gallifrey in the times before the great Time War, when life was rich, Paul "The Doctor" (for he is depending on where you are in the world) was created by the merging of a number of items, the passing of planets and the drinking of various fluids. Travelling in his trusty Type 39 TARDIS, he landed on the planet hell bent on a quiet life. It wasn't to be. Instead, he was abducted and fought across the ages to arrive at this point. He started as a Chemist with a side line in doing nothing. He then became a teacher (with a side line in doing nothing) and finally left all that to write apps (with a side line in doing nothing, but now getting paid for it). Responsible now for writing the app (along with many other things you will never know about), PFJ likes to go diving, drink beer and write random things (not usually at the same time). He does not have a pet badger.

Mark Bentley

Website Boy

I am Mark, I made this site, I am Primordial Radio. When I'm not trying to enable Moose's wonderful ideas I am of course a fan of rock and metal. Indoctrinated at a very tender age in the early eighties I was hooked by the time I saw Megadeth and Pantera, a rare treat in a city that doesn't get any metal bands, at the age of 11. 25 years later and I still love anything that goes up to 11. I have other dimensions too, on weekends I try to stretch out my football career as I hit veteran status. I also play drums to a very beginner level.

John Heaney

Video Guy

Hello! I am John, and I do all things video. I am, and always have been, a raw, uncompressed, 64 bit camera geek with at least 22 stops of dynamic range. I like to think I put some of this nonsense to work in making things that people will enjoy watching. Very much an analogue human being.

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