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Inkquizition – Live

Published / Sat 30 May 2020

Are we all ready?
The world’s best quiz is about to return!

Rock and Metal Inkquizition 30th May - FB Flyer

A live countdown begins broadcasting at 19:50, the answer form opens at 19:55
Head to our Facebook page to get the live stream:
If you fancy Youtube – Hit up the Primordial Radio Channel
On Twitch – Primordial Radio can do that ! – Head over to here

Or watch it here !

LIVE !!!

See if you can get the Facebook Watch App on your TV

Make sure before the quiz starts:
– Get your beverages and snacks in order (hopefully Bo Squiddly Chocolate and a drink in a Primordial Goblet.. both available in store now)
– Have the stream up and running on a separate device from your quiz sheet,- IF YOU CAN’T WATCH THE LIVE BROADCAST YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PLAY.
– A pen and paper (stupid I know) on the off chance your BDF goes tits up.
– You have emptied your bowels…

Using #flavtag get in touch with Claire, send her team photos, team names, ir/responsible beverages…ahh you get the point

Click here to open the BDF Answer Sheet in a new window

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