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Interview with Max and Justin from Tallah

Published in Events, Updates, on Thursday, October 1st, 2020

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Interview with Tallah on Primordial Radio

Interview with Justin and Max from Tallah

Max and Justin from Nu-Metal Band, Tallah will be chatting on Primordial Radio 1st October from 5pm

Hook & Tease time
Find out how drummer Max Portnoy (Son of Mike Portnoy of prog rock/metal band Dream Theatre fame) grew up on the road and the impact that had, breathing new life into nu-metal and chatting about Tallah’s new album – Matriphagy. The new album is due for release 2nd October 2020.

Make sure you listen to your favourite Rock and Metal Radio Station at 5pm 1st October 2020 but we guess you’ll already be listening right ?

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