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Ixnay on the Irthdaybay – EP339

Published / Wed 5 Jul 2023

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Episode 339

Moose and Dews catch up old school-style with an audio-only podcast this week. With his offspring starting daycare soon, Dews has some actual parenting to do, so the Weds Twitch stream is on hold for now.

There’s a bunch of stuff for the guys to talk about, including why Dews is so confused about childcare and ridiculously expensive SUVs. They eventually get onto the point of the podcast, and get talking about the changing plans for Primordial’s 7th birthday party this coming September, and the ongoing plan to ditch Elon Musk’s hellscape website.

Don’t forget the Primordial Big Bang 5 is this weekend- all the details and ticket info here !

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