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James and The Cold Gun: A Band Defying Categorization

Published / Mon 15 Apr 2024

James and The Cold Gun: A Band Defying Categorization

Photo: James and The Cold Gun: A Band Defying Categorization  /  Credit: James and The Cold Gun

Rock music in 2024 is varied, to say the least, ask 10 people what rock music is and you’ll get 10 totally different answers, it’s in this space that James and The Cold Gun stands out as a burgeoning band refusing to be put into rigid boundaries and categories.

Their music, described by frontman James Joseph as a blend that defies easy comparison, carries the freewheeling essence of garage rock infused with punk’s visceral edge. It’s a sound that has earned them spots supporting iconic acts such as Guns N’ Roses at Hyde Park, a monumental step for the band, which James charmingly chalks up to opportune moments of outreach, or “firing shots,” during downtime.

From Garage Grit to Hyde Park

Speaking to Punktatstic, Joseph states:

I do this thing whenever I get too much time where I’m not busy, and I send these chance sort of messages – ‘firing shots’ as they call it. I never know if it’s a bit naive or childish. It reminds me of when I was in my first band when I was fifteen and you’re sending your links to everyone and most people want you to fuck off! I screen-shotted the poster [for British Summer Time] and sent it to our agent, and captioned it ‘this would be good’…well, fucking obviously this would be good! Then she was like, ‘I’ll see what I can do!’ What, really? We’ll play for free in the car park!

While large stages offer grandeur, James personally finds the smaller venues more rewarding.

To be honest, from our experience, my favourite shows are always the smaller ones, because there is that ‘lightning in a bottle’ kind of feeling, being able to get really stuck in. You can sense if it’s going well and I’m feeding off the energy. These are all cliched things but it’s true!

Primordial General Mayhem

Primordial Radio is hugely excited to announce the return of the Primordial General Mayhem 2024 with dynamic and hard-hitting five-piece retro-rockers THE TREATMENT headlining the Friday night.

Fresh from their massively successful tour with Buckcherry, they are set to deliver an electrifying performance with one of their biggest-ever headline shows to date. Joining them are the Brighton-based punk-rock aficionados THE BAR STOOL PREACHERS, alongside energetic South Wales rockers JAMES & THE COLD GUN and hard rock sensations FURY, who made a remarkable impression last year by drawing an overwhelming crowd to the festival’s smaller stage.

Primordial General Mayhem 2024 - Friday Line-Up

Get Tickets

– The Primordial General Mayhem 2024
– Friday 26thth April
– KK’s Steel Mill: Wolverhampton, UK

Tickets on sale now.

Garage Rock Revival: A Lockdown Genesis

The emergence of James and the Cold Gun as a significant new force in the rock scene might seem surprising given the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, for James Joseph and fellow band member James Bliss, the lockdown period provided an unexpected opportunity to redefine their musical careers and create something profoundly energizing.

James recalls to Soundsphere the early days of the band’s formation with nostalgia and a touch of amusement.

We purely started jamming for fun. We would go to the garage, he’d jump on the drums, and I’d jump on the guitar. We’d play awful versions of Foo Fighters songs, Queens of the Stone Age and really bad versions of Nirvana and stuff.

And then we both kind of realised, ‘Oh, this is so much fun’. It reminded us of when were in high school, in a practice room just hashing it out!

Now, with their self-titled debut album released James and the Cold Gun are ready to share their creations with the wider world. “I’ve been wanting to show people these songs for the best part of the year now,” James admits, expressing both relief and excitement about the album’s release.

Charting Success with Authentic Rock

The band’s ethos is firmly rooted in playing music they genuinely enjoy, a sentiment encapsulated in their track ‘Headlights’, which James fondly describes as embodying their ideal mix of chaos and rock’n’roll swagger.

Their rapid ascent from garage band sessions to sharing stages with icons like Guns N’ Roses and The Darkness is no small feat. James attributes this success to being proactive, with a slightly cheeky approach to seizing opportunities. This blend of boldness and a bit of luck highlights the unconventional pathways to success in the modern music industry.

With stories circulating about explosive performances—literally, in the case of a rumoured speaker incident at a house party. James relishes these growing urban legends, seeing them as part of the band’s mystique and appeal.

James and the Cold Gun represent a new chapter in rock, defined by authenticity, raw energy, and a clear vision for their music. As they continue to navigate the complexities of the music industry, they remain guided by a simple yet powerful philosophy shared by James, inspired by Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl:

“When you’re playing music that you love and you’re enjoying it… then you’ve succeeded.”

This approach is not just a marketing strategy but a testament to the enduring allure of making music that resonates deeply with both the band and their fans.

We can’t wait to have James and The Cold Gun join us at the General Mayhem for their very first Primordial performance!

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