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JIRA Tech Support Raincoat

Published / Thu 5 Oct 2017

Hello Y’all,

Hope all is well.    Welcome to another thrilling tech support update.     Kudos to Blunty, Appman Paul, and Mark B for their firefighting skills as more than half of the infernos have been dowsed.

We have made arrangements to have our very own dedicated server which we shall integrate across the weekend and into next week with the hope that solves the lag and loading issues.   Good work Engineer Mark.

Apple App was poised to be released but they violated Rule #1 and at the last minute changed our status from ‘Ready to publish’ to ‘App in review’.  Dicks.   Appman Paul is on the case and reckons it’ll be sorted by the weekend.

Do you realise we launched this time last week?  Crazy.

Anyhoo, I’m tired and off to have a nice cuppa tea and a scone.   Here’s the latest from JIRA.  Good night.

We have had 64 support requests in total,
39 have been resolved

Key issue arias:
1 – App crashing when trying to use the podcast section – this has been
fixed and will go live next week
2 – App Streaming issues – this is to my understanding tied in to the now
playing system being turned off.
3 – Account issues, this has seen a sharp decline in requests today.

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