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Just in time for Christmas – merch dump news !

Published / Tue 2 Oct 2018

Everyone loves a great merch dump and one is coming very soon coincidentally timed for Christmas

Our Primordial elf (aka Jo) has been busy making plans on how to elasticise the shed in anticipation of tartan scarves, blankets, and teddy bears plus the arrival of some new items from the Evil genius Matt Young of MyOhMy design

Oh, and for those who steadfastly refuse to do white we’re offering #notacult in default colour – check out the new zoodie, coming soon to a shopper near you

Primordial Radio Not a cult design in black

For any of you that just cannot wait for the biggest dump of our time, we have a new patch coming soon, a #notacult patch. Have a look at the nice picture, don’t try clicking it to buy though, it doesn’t link anywhere, the patch isn’t in the store yet

Primordial Radio Not a Cult patch

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