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Zooming in for Lap 5 – Crofty’s Tracks

Published / Thu 23 May 2019

Crofty’s Tracks – Episode 5 – Monaco 2019

Throughout the 2019 F1 season, rock fan, Sky Sports F1 commentator, and Primordial Radio member David Croft is joining Dews on-air with playlists of the tracks he’s listening to while he jets off around the world as part of the F1 circus.

Croftys Tracks 3rd Lap

Crofty’s Tracks is back for a fifth time, on air 23rd May during Dewsbury’s show at 17:00 , ahead of the Monaco GP this weekend.

This episode features some great music and F1 chat, including a tribute to the late, great Niki Lauda. Given that Crofty recorded this show from the harbourside in Monaco, he gives Dewsbury a lesson in yacht etiquette (SPOILER: Dews is unlikely to be welcomed to a yacht party any time soon) and there’s also a guest appearance from some militant Monégasque seagulls. The guys also reveal the best lure to use to if you’re hunting media industry people; free booze.

This show is airing on Thursday May 23th 2019 and will be available as a podcast shortly.

Don’t forget that you can check out all the shows so far – complete with music – on-demand via

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